Best Cold Press Juicer

“Cold-pressed juices often tend to come with plenty of vegetables, while shop-purchased juices are typically just fruit and lack the significant benefits of vegetables in terms of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.” At the end of the article, we urge you to read the Best Cold Press Juicer buying guide.

Type Of Juicer

Two main types of juicers – cold press juicer and centrifugal juicer.

Centrifugal Juicer

Centrifugal juicers, also identified as high-speed juicers, isolate pulp from processing materials. The juicer’s engine spins at 15,000 RPM, which is quick enough to juice a whole apple. The juicer’s drawback is that it loses certain nutrients during fruit processing, resulting in a shorter lifespan

Cold Pressed Juicer / Masticating Juicer

It uses a multi-stage juice extraction method to smash fruits and vegetables. The juicer tucks the pulp through the auger’s tube. Juice processing speed can be as low as 40-80 RPM, resulting in minimal oxidation, leading in prolonged juice lifespan.

Here are the Best Cold Press Juicer

Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer for consumers looking for a healthy lifestyle is an extremely powerful and reliable kitchen appliance! It is engineered to extract almost the last drop of juice while retaining the majority of nutrients, vitamins, and phytochemicals intact. It extracts dense juices without air bubbles, for long-lasting freshness and natural flavor.

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Kuvings Evo-Series Professional 240 Watt Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer (EVO700)

The Kuvings EVO700 arrives with a cutting edge Brushless 240 Watt AC Motor Copper Collar. It ensures that all products are squeezed gently and softly at a slow pace of 50 RPM. Which makes it ideal for use in your house.

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Hurom HH Series 43 RPM 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

Hurom Slow Squeezing Machine juices are produced without friction or effect. Exclusive to Hurom, the device gently presses the fruit at low speed, reducing heat and oxidation loss of nutrients and enhancing natural flavor and nutrition. ULTEM a new eco-friendly heavy duty fabric. Hurom juice contains natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

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PANASONIC MJ-L500 290W Juicer

PANASONIC’s slow juicer is available in different colors. The stainless steel is 39,4 cm x 18,4 cm x 34,7 cm long. It has 150-watt output.

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Juicer Machines,AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor



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Types of Cold Pressed Juicer

1. Vertical Cold Pressed Juicer has a lightweight nature, making it a favorite option for people. The juicer is suitable for all types and shapes kitchens. The vertical juicer comes with a cover to mix juices in the juicing container. Another typical function of slow juicers is the auto-cleaning mechanism making juicer simple to clean

2. Horizontal Cold Pressed Juicer is suitable for juicing leafy green vegetables. The juicer normally has additional juicing. Most horizontal chewing juicers have extra attachments that aid in other procedures such as producing pasta noodles.

Things to remember before buying Best Cold Press Juicer


Juicers come in shades, sizes and styles. Compact juicers are suitable for kitchen-limited people. Compact juicers are easily stored, and have very few parts to clean.

Amount of Pulp

One important thing to remember when purchasing a juicer is the amount of pulp output. Cold pressed juicers generate tons of pulp because it preserves nutrients as well as improves juice taste.

Pulp Ejection

While purchasing a juicer, test the juicer’s pulp ejection ability. Cold-pressed juicers have their own pulp gathering containers either internally or externally. External pulp ejection devices spare you from the trouble of halting the unit, opening it, and unloading the basket before re-juicing.


Although the noise level does not bother all of us, it may be very distracting if you use the juicer for a prolonged period. A centrifugal juicer is typically much quieter than a cold pressed juicer. Cold pressed juicers can do better juicing without disrupting your neighbours


Another significant aspect is the speed the juicer runs at. While most of us want the juicing to be finished as quickly as possible, the problem is that the juicer raises heats during the juicing process. Consequently, during the juicing process, more vitamins and nutrients are wasted.

Feeder Tube Measurements

It is a tedious task to lighten and cut the fruits and vegetables that will fit into the feeder drain. Pick a good juicer that has a big feeding tube if you want to reduce the preparation time. The feeding tube must be wide enough to handle big fruits and vegetables like bananas, carrots, and beet roots.

Time to Clean

When you have tight schedule, pick an easily cleanable juicer. Check for juicers with smaller parts and a large feeding mouth to make cleaning of the juicer quick. It takes a lot of effort to clean the various parts of the juicer and it is uncomfortable.


Q: Which juicer gives the most nutritious juice?

Twin gear cold pressed juicers are commonly believed to be ahead of the game here. This is because the goods that you are juicing will move between two cylindrical gears made of stainless steel that are super close together.
These gears thoroughly dissolve plant material and release some of the associated ‘sticky’ nutrients to the fibers. The juice is distinctly distinct, becoming more vibrantly colored, and some people experience a rich flavor not typically associated with the more popular types of juicers on the high street.

Q: What are the advantages of using Cold Juicer press over other juicers?

The key advantage of using the Cold Press juicer in contrast to other juicers is that even after juicing your fruits and vegetables, no nutrients are wasted which is beneficial to your health and health.

During juicing, the heat generated takes away all the nutrients and only some liquid with no important content is left behind. Therefore, cold press juicers produce little heat that retains all nutrients.

Q: So what’s the typical shelf-life of juices from cold press juicers?

The average shelf life is up to 4 days once it was made and must always be kept in the fridge.

Q: Is cold-press juicer perfect for any diet?

Yes, simply and it’s all good, adding that the raw materials produced into juices contain no unnatural sweets.

Q: Is buying a cold press juicer through online retailers safe?

Absolutely, as long as the platform is legal, you have nothing to worry about.

Q: May I use this juicer daily?

Yes, drinking fresh juices every day is good for your well being, adding that it includes no additives or additives you don’t have to worry about anything bad that could happen to your safety.

Q: What fruits and vegetables are used in juicers?

It can handle all fruits and vegetables you could ever think from leafy green to watery fruits. It may also take on nut forms including peanuts and chestnuts.

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