Best Watches For Men Under 5000

This article will be your guide through it. Use it to find your ideal Best Watches For Men Under 5000

You are ready to spend some, or much, of your money on purchasing a watch.

Maybe it is simply your first actual real watch, or perhaps it is your first actual “status symbol” watch.

Regardless of the way, you are NOT looking to waste your investment. Looking sharp is something you desire.

And you also want to look like you know one or two things about watches. But, really, do you?

It can be quite challenging to buy a watch. So what are the specifics you should look for when buying a watch?

Casio Enticer Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch


  • Casio Enticer series are one of the world’s best watches!
  • This analog is built with a beautiful black dial and blue sub dials featuring date, day, and hour functions.The hands are designed in sharp and attractive design, with silver stick markers for easy reading.
  • The dial is covered with mineral glass that ensures any potential damage to the dial is secured.
  • Consisting of a stainless steel strap which is secured with a single-touch 3-fold clasp, this model has a valid reason to be called the best chronograph watch below 5000 rs.
  • The combination of black and blue will surely catch one’s attention!It is built with 50 m waterproofing with a 2-year domestic warranty.

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Fastrack Analog-Digital Black Dial Men’s Watch


  • Wear the funkiest look with this Fastrack wrist watch in town. 
  • Its vibrant brown strap against a black analog cum digital dial makes you lose time.
  • The hands come in black and orange markers & time indicators ensuring easy reading time.
  • The strap is made of genuine calf leather, secured by a buckle clasp and a 47.3 mm diameter brass case.
  • It is indeed analog-digital movement with high precision.It comes with 50 m water-resistance depth and 1 year warranty.
  • Bring trendiness to another stage with this trendy timepiece, as you party hard.

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Casio Youth-Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch


  • The MCW-100H-9A2VDF Casio Youth Series Chronograph Watch is indeed a fine analog watch with the same style as the G-Shock range. 
  • This analog watch features a 3, 6 and 9 intervals chronograph subdials whose stopwatch buttons are mounted on the right side of the case. 
  • The hands toned with gold are well crafted with stick markings and time indicators that can ensure a consistent reading of time.
  •  This model, made of a resin strap and buckle fastener system, is an ideal choice for people. 
  • It has a 100 m depth of water resistance and a 2 year warranty. 
  • A very good model on both informal and sporting occasions

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Titan Neo Analog Champagne Dial Men’s Watch


  • This analog clock has a fascinating design that speaks about the statement of style.
  • The model 1766SL01 comes in a classy design with 3 subdials that feature stopwatch, date and day functions placed at 3, 6 and 9 ‘o clock. 
  • The clear, simple hands with silver stick markers ensure easy reading in time. 
  • The dial is secured using a mineral glass with a scratchproof feature and a 50 m waterproof depth. 
  • Made from brown leather strap secured by a buckle clasp and brass case, this is definitely a recommended casual select. 
  • The operating buttons and a time-adjusting crown are positioned on the right.It is recommended for customers looking for watches of large dial size.

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Titan Neo Analog Brass Dial Men’s Watch


  • This analog black dial watch with brown leather strap is the new style statement from Titan’s House’s selection of exquisite men’s collection.
  • Reading time on this watch is really simple with silver hands and stick markings. 
  • This model is indeed an excellent choice, made from high quality leather strap secured by a hollow clasp and a brass case.
  • A mineral glass that is scratch-resistant and has water resistant depth of 50 m with a case diameter of 50.6 mm ensures that this analog watch is safe.

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Casio Enticer Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch 


  • With Casio’s Enticer Watches, make every day ever attractive. Suitable for everyday casual life while creating a stylish declaration.
  • The timeless style of a 3-hand analog (hour, minute, second) ensures routine and accurate time maintenance.
  • The brace is made of high-quality black leather with a buckle loop locking mechanism along with the ion plated bezel.
  • The chronograph watch has three sub-dials with date, day and hour positioned at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock position.

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Casio Enticer Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch


  • Boost your look by owning this model from Casio.
  •  This analog watch is given in a black dial with gold hands and easily readable stick markers. 
  • For those people who love to wear fashionable formal watches, this model is for you! 
  • A date display is shown at the 6th interval and a weekly calendar day display at the top. The water resistance of 50 m suitable for daily use. 
  • The watch can withstand a splash of water and can even endure being immersed in water .
  • The band comes in stainless steel with excellent built-in quality secured via a push button locking device.
  • Casio Enticer with Quartz Movement retains a precise frequency level that helps control a watch’s movement, making the watch very accurate.

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Scuderia Ferrari Red Rev Series 1


  • What happens when Ferrari engineering meets funky Italian design.
  • The set of Scuderia Ferrari watches.Scuderia Ferrari Redrev series 1 is a magnificent watch. 
  • The case material is plastic / resin while the color of the dial is black. 
  • The watch has a resistance of up to 30 meters with respect to the water resistance.
  • Offering a wide variety of honeycombs, checked flags, striped and classic sunray dials embraces with silicone strap and case diameter of 43.1mm. 
  • It has 2 year warranty.
  • Scuderia Ferrari’s watches are designed for men who want something that is affordable, without compromising on features or functionality.

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Fastrack His and Her Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch


  • Fastrack watches are providing you with their first ever chronograph watch. 
  • This one comes with a big round dial, which gives a masculine look, with dark gray and black tones. 
  • With funky white hands and hour markers, the gray-black dial is enhanced. 
  • The dial includes three 24-hour chrono dials, chrono stopwatch minute, and chrono stopwatch second. 
  • These dials are highlighted with red needles to further enhance watch’s overall look. 
  • The dial case is made of stainless steel of high quality and provides protection and resistance to moisture. 
  • This men’s Fastrack watch comes with a luxurious black leather strap with a buckle clasping mechanism to provide full comfort and strong grip. 
  • This watch is made of mineral crystal with impact-resistant, scratch-resistance dial glass that gives direct time views .
  • This is water resistant and up to 50 m water resistant. 
  • This Fastrack analog male watch is stylish and sporty.

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Titan Neo Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch


  • This multifunctional men’s watch features a black round dial. 
  • The dial has three simple hands on the dials with separate stick indicators to display the day and date. 
  • The strap and case are made of stainless steel and both are silver-coloured.
  • There are three silver crowns that allow you to change the time, date and day. 
  • The watch has a 5-ATM water resistant feature and is user-friendly.

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Buying Guide

Is it an Analog or Digital Watch?

Basically, analog refers to the old-fashioned type of watches that come with the hands and the ticking.

Surprisingly, a lot of people still consider this as the most stylish option.

But, if you’re looking for something you could wear to casual and smart events, you certainly don’t want digital. Some watches, however, provide you with the best of both analog as well as digital displays.

Undoubtedly, some of these are perfect for wearing with a suit since they look sharp enough.

Your Ideal Features

If you want to place your phone further from your bedroom so that you can have a good night’s sleep, then a good alarm would be very useful.

When it comes to timing workouts, a stopwatch could be a relatively easier option compared to your phone, and typically comes with a chronograph watch.

The length of time that stopwatch will go for is another factor to consider; a good one should run up to 24 hrs.

For work and appointments, a countdown timer would be extremely useful.

Yet again, you should be looking for one that runs up to 24 hrs.

For those who have colleagues abroad, or travel a lot, go for a watch that can display various time zones at the same time.

Do you like cool “spy” gadgets such as a pressure gauge, thermometer, or compass?

If you prefer a digital watch, would you like it to sync with your phone or computer?

To prevent it from going out of date, you should update it with the newest software.

Automatic, Mechanical, or Quartz?

Besides being the oldest type of watches, mechanical watches have a movement powered by cogs and springs.

Typically, you must wound them by hand almost daily. Although some people find this as a nuisance, others do enjoy the ritual.

Although automatic watches are quite similar, you never need to wind them yourself.

Once you wear them, these watches depend on your wrist’s motion to wind themselves automatically.

When not in use, they might need a watch winder.

When it comes to quartz watches, they are powered by batteries that have to be replaced every 1-3 yrs.

In general, not only are they the most accurate, but they are also affordable.

Type of Strap: Rubber, Leather, or Metal

Leather watch straps are similar to leather belts; the sleek, slim, plain types are as formal as you could get.

However, anything that has to do with chunky matte is casual. During summer, leather is hot and will often be damaged by sweat.

That means that if you opt for a leather strap, you will need to switch it out for a mesh or nylon strap in summer.

Typically, straps with metal links are called bracelets.

What’s more, a watch that has a metal bracelet is generally a versatile masculine appearance. It’s ideal for wearing throughout the year.

If good quality is your preference, go for a bracelet that has screwed links.

Lastly, rubber (also called resin) watch straps are usually a casual look.

However, if the watch appears sharp enough, you can dress it up with a suit.

It is worth noting that a resin watch does not necessarily mean that watch is of poor quality, only that it is made for tough functionality – it isn’t jewelry.

Is It New or Used?

Generally speaking, choosing between a new watch and a used watch is a personal decision.

Well, used watches are often affordable. And, in case you are a history buff, you may actually enjoy having a vintage watch rather than a new one.

However, purchasing a new watch is less risky – if the dealer is licensed, then you already know what you’re receiving with a new watch.

For a majority of people, they can’t beat the thrill that comes with possessing a brand new watch that is absolutely theirs and theirs alone.

If you’re considering to opt for a pre-owned watch, make sure that you check out these factors first:

– The reputation of the watch dealer. You can check the dealer’s reputation and reviews online.

It would be better to purchase a used watch from a reliable dealer than buying a brand new one from a dishonest one.

– Watch the price. If you’re going for a used watch, it should be much cheaper than getting a new, but the same model.

Otherwise, you may as well save up a few extra rupees and but that new watch.

– Condition of the watch. To justify getting a pre-owned option, then its condition should be almost perfect.

However, buying a “trash-watch” is a false economy; chances are it won’t last long or even make you happy.

The Material

More often than not, steel watches are made from grade 316L stainless steel.

When buying a watch, ensure that the bracelet links and watch case must be solid pieces of metal, instead of folded metal or even anything hollow.

As a general rule, if you want to tell is a particular bracelet is solid, you should simply inspect its side. Is it one solid piece?

The Size of the Watch

Yes. Size matters. Just like there is no standard wrist size, there is no standard size of a watch.

Although some timepieces are significantly large such that they are visible from space, a majority have a case diameter ranging from 34mm to 44mm.

In case you are a chap who has slighter wrists, then a 34-40mm case would be ideal.

However, for rugged gents with wrists that look like oak trees, they should go for models of up to 46mm.

Furthermore, the thickness of the case also plays a vital role in how the watch looks.

In general, a watch with 10mm thickness would look better under a cuff compared to one that is 15mm.

Water Resistance

Water resistance in a watch is usually misunderstood. However, the numbers on the case back or dial must never be taken literally.

For instance, a watch that has a water resistance of 30 meters will repel rain, but you shouldn’t submerge it in water.

Furthermore, a watch with a water resistance of 50 meters can be worn for swimming; while 100 meters for snorkeling; and for extreme water sports, 200 meters would be ideal.

Watches that have a water resistance label of at least 500 meters are often suitable for diving.

However, those specially made for professional SCUBA diving may come with at least 1,000 meters on the dial.

Another thing is that water resistance isn’t perfect. In case you often use your watch underwater, you will have to get it reproofed every few years.

Power Source

Generally, there are four types of power sources when it comes to common watches:

Quartz. These consist of a battery that requires to be replaced every several years.

Automatic. They wind themselves when you move your wrist around.

Mechanical. Typically, you wave to wind these watches once per day or so.

Solar. They’re powered by the sun. When everything is functional, you won’t need to wind or replace anything.

Wardrobe Considerations

There are a few things you need to know about watches and your clothing.

For starters, gold watches generally look best with dark, earthy colors such as green, grey, and brown.

They also look great during the day. For titanium and silver watches, they look great at night. They also go well with blue, black, and even grey.


The weight of the watch is another important factor to consider.

Although some watches hardly feel like they are on your wrist, others actually feel like a brick.

When buying a watch, look for one that feels much comfortable.

In case you like a particular watch but prefer a lighter version, find out whether you can get a similar watch that has a leather strap rather than a metal band.


Seeing the watch in person is essential during your buying process.

It really matters because you have to try on a watch before you can buy it, especially if you’re planning to spend big.

The ideal watch “sings” to you once you try it on, and it might not be the one you thought you would like online.

Good Dial Illumination

In general, not every watch is intended to have dials that illuminate during the night for low light viewing.

Typically, these are more formal or classic ones.

Almost all casual and sports watches comprise some sort of luminant that you apply on the hands and somewhere on the dial.

During your watch-buying process, check out for relatively large surface areas of luminant that’s applied richly.

Locking Deployment Clasp

In general, cheaper watches that have metal bracelets still consist of what is known as a single locking clasp.

It is a bracelet type that literally just clicks or snaps into place.

When buying a watch, you want a watch bracelet that will remain secure on your wrist regardless of what you’re doing or in case you accidentally hit your bracelet on something.

Bottom Line

After taking in all the above, you must have a better idea of what comprises a great watch and the reason certain watches command such respect, status – and price tags.

Most importantly, you will soon be in a position to justify, at least to yourself, the reason you have skipped that dream holiday in favor of the chunk of leather, glass, and metal sitting on your wrist.

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